Of All the Gin Joints

A documentary about a family run restaurant, for which I co-created the opening titles and graphic sequences.

Client: Gemini Films
Website: gemini.film
Date: January 24, 2023
Services: Motion Design


Of All the Gin Joints (David Kornfield, 2023) tells the story of Casablanca, a Mexican restaurant in Venice Beach that is themed after the classic film, and the three generations who created and ran it for the past 40 years. So you read that right, it’s a Moroccan themed restaurant serving Mexican food in California. It’s a real melting pot, and so too are the graphics!

The main titles were tasked with placing the story in Venice Beach. They feature famous locations from the area. The menu sequence serves to clarify all the connected families and their respective restaurants. It’s a real mouthful.

Myself, Līna Ozoliņa and Hugo Rodriguez worked on this project in our spare hours at Glassworks. Hugo came up with the initial concept, Lina created the illustrations for the opening sequence, Hugo drew the portaits for the menus, and then I designed all the graphic elements and animated/composited both sequences.