Guardians of the Tomb

A major motion picture with a global release, international star cast, and a 26 million dollar total budget. I designed, animated & composited all the GUIs in the film, as well as contributing hundreds of FX and cleanup shots.

Client: Arclight Films
Date: March 20, 2017
Services: Motion Design & Compositing


Guardians of the Tomb (2018) is an adventure movie starring Kelsey Grammer, Kellan Lutz, and Li Bing Bing. It is the largest ever Chinese-Australian co-production to date and was immensely popular with its target audience of teenage Chinese women. In fact, it recouped over a third of its 26 million dollar budget in its opening weekend in China alone.

Working under my (then) company name Minifilm, for the first time I employed a permanent assistant, the wise-cracking Tiyan Baker. She headed up roto, comp setup, research and deliveries.

We ultimately contributed over 200 final visual effects shots to the film. In addition to taking creative lead of all screen content and graphical user interfaces in the movie (GUIs), we also produced several travel simulation and analogue film treatment sequences, as well as seemingly 😉 countless clean-up shots.

I worked closely with the rest of the post team, led by post-production supervisor Henry Karjalainen (Lego Movie, Great Gatsby), and editor Richard Learoyd (Fearless, Knowing, I Robot).

Our pipeline tools on the project were centred around Nuke Studio with Cinema 4D, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Mocha Pro filling in the blanks. Shot status tracking, and CDL data handling was all done via custom scripts in Google Sheets.