Sleep Doesn’t Come

The official music clip for the single Sleep Doesn't Come by award-winning Australian jazz singer, Elana Stone.

Client: Elana Stone
Date: January 12, 2014
Services: End to end production


Elana Stone is well know Australian jazz vocalist, most famous as a member of All Our Exes Live in Texas. She’s also, in case you are confused, a dead ringer for her (also famous) sister Yael Stone.

Sleep Doesn’t Come is a little story about where astronauts go when they retire. It was my first time making a music video with a professional crew, and it made me realise I should never be allowed near a camera again 😉

For the concept I chose my favourite genre of all: quirky science fiction. I also wrote plenty of visual effects into the script so that I could develop my C4D and compositing skills in post production.


Frank – Paul Gleeson
Jr. – Dylan Young
The Nurse – Elana Stone
Writer, Director, Editor – Nils Crompton
Camera – Tyler Freeman-Smith
Gaffer – Finbarr Collins
Camera Assistant – Brian Fairbarn
Best Boy – Benjamin Crossman
Production Design – Hannah Crofts
Title Design – Katherine Johnson
Makeup – Amber Warner