Adidas, Ultra Boost

The launch film for Adidas' Ultra Boost 19, for which I produced all motion design & analogue media effects, as well as handling the online editing.

Client: MPC
Date: January 12, 2014
Services: Motion Design


Co-creation was a film whose process reflected its message. Let’s just say there was a lot of work that hit the cutting room floor. 

Working at MPC under the direction of Ryan Staake of Pomp&Clout I produced a huge amount of physically produced motion graphics. We were busy little bees.

This is absolutely my favourite kind of production: a mix of digital and analogue techniques where it’s completely normal to re-film your motion graphics back of your monitor just to get that LCD grit. Printing out video frames and ripping them up, scratching into photographs before re-photographing. Made by hand, made by mouse, it’s all a human process.

Hopefully I get to work on something this crazy again in the future.


Agency – Brand Articulations
Production Companies – Pomp&Clout and AprilMay
Director – Ryan Staake
Edit – Splash Studios (Rigel Kilston)
Post Production – MPC