Opening titles and compositing work for this independent Australian & Indian coproduction.

Client: Films & Casting Temple
Date: October 7, 2015
Services: Motion Design & Compositing


I completed the opening titles design, motion graphics throughout the film, and compositing work for one of the Bollywood-style music numbers.

I was based at Soundfirm at Fox Studios for the duration of the project, working alongside the loveliest edit team in the world: Oscar & BAFTA nominee Marcus Darcey, supported by additional editor Frayne Dyke-Walker, and tireless assistant Jessie Hildebrand.

The Film

Unindian (Anupam Sharma, 2015) is a cross-cultural romantic comedy starring Brett Lee (the Australian cricketer) and Tannishtha Chatterjee (the Indian arthouse cinema darling). An odd couple to be sure, but a pretty cute and endearing one 🙂


I had an interesting setup at the time where I used Davinci Resolve to conform handovers from the editor myself and prep plates there to work on in After Effects or sometimes Fusion. I’d then deliver offline edit media and online DPX sequences from After Effects. These days I use Flame for plate prep and in the past I’ve used Nuke studio, but looking back it was still a very effective setup and cost next to nothing >_<