After the Wave

I provided online editing, titles & motion design for this tough forensic TV documentary.

Client: Flaming Star Films
Date: December 14, 2014
Services: Motion Design & Online Editing


After the Wave is about the aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami, one of the most devastating natural disasters in modern times, killing 228,000 people across 13 countries in just a few hours. It closely follows the forensic operation in Thailand to identify and return home the bodies and in a sense, give the victims back their identity.

Working so closely with these tragic stories, not to mention graphic footage, was deeply unsettling. It honestly gave me a whole new perspective on what death and if I can go here in a work portfolio, the materiality of the human body.

My role

I produced the titles and motion graphics work in this feature documentary. I also worked as an additional online editor to master additional versions, cut-downs and trailers for international markets.